About us

About Izakayasakura

We are a passionate and newly established firm loves small business.

After managing several projects wisely and started own small business and participated and taught several Chartered Accountants in several promising Chartered Accountants programs.

Having an over 15 years of experienced director, he has worked with several giant companies and takes care of each and every job by himself. We ensure that you will get a complete and detailed report having all the necessary details.

We have designed a great workflow to process each and every job we get in to our list, that workflow makes us different from the other firms in the market. With an efficient workflow, we finish our every job with maximum customer satisfaction and obviously on time.

We provide several accounting services to cater your multiple needs at a time, rather focusing upon only one service. We want to be your first choice in your various accounting services needs to help you to remove all the obstacles in your business.

So whether are you selling a business, planning to purchase a business, planning your wealth or estate, just get in touch. We are here to do your valuation work you required, see our various services and select your desired one.

We are taking after our enthusiasm for small businesses to address that need and practice solely in esteeming private ventures.

Our Clients

We have several small and medium businesses in our clientele and some of them are family owned businesses serving from many years. They are from a scope of ventures including transportation, property and development, real estate, legal and manufacturing.

We want to merge and cater all your requirements in one place, so you can easily solve your numerous problems in one place.

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