Some common or frequently asked questions and concerns when selling or purchasing a business:

Hypothetically the value of a business is the present estimation of future money streams. This can be considered as the measurement of cash amassed that will legitimize the sum and danger of the speculation.

As a general rule it relies on upon what the proprietor or purchaser of the business needs to accomplish. The estimation of a business may not simply be financial – it could furnish the proprietor with an appealing way of life or individual fulfillment or a feeling of achievement.

The value of a business is eventually decided by “How much the market is ready to pay you” but it seems to be a politician’s answer.

Here is some methods helps you to calculating your business value:

  • Asset Method – what is the book estimation of the advantages of the business. At times it is more suitable to utilize the exchanged esteem or the substitution esteem. As a rule a remittance for goodwill can likewise be increased the value of touch base at a general business esteem.
  • Earning Multiple – Earning Multiple – Multiplying the normal net benefits before interest and tax (EBIT) by a specific multiple. The multiple will rely on upon run of the typical business and territorial qualities accomplished previously, the apparent danger of the business and its appeal.
  • Discounted Cash Flow – utilizing income projections to decide the present value of future money streams.

What ever strategy you wish to apply, give yourself enough time to prepare your business available to be purchased. This can take up to two years to do it appropriately and at least three months if done in rush.

Try not to leave the value of your business in the hands of the purchaser – place it in your pocket and be ready.

We offer upto 7 business days (or maybe more) turnaround after receiving all the required data. This 7 day appraise does exclude down time while we are holding up to determine inquiries or waiting for more data. So depends upon the requirements and availability of the information or data flow matters the valuation time.

No, absolutely no! All the valuations are performed by an Chartered Accountant who specializes in valuing businesses. All are accountants are highly skilled and experienced to deliver you the best and correct report of your business valuation. We do quality work and we know the value of time, so we take care of the time too.

Our Clients

We have several small and medium businesses in our clientele and some of them are family owned businesses serving from many years. They are from a scope of ventures including transportation, property and development, real estate, legal and manufacturing.

We want to merge and cater all your requirements in one place, so you can easily solve your numerous problems in one place.

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